World-OKTA Major Program

World-OKTA is Keeping in line with the current digital era, World-OKTA runs various programs to contribute to the business of overseas Korean traders and their interests. The following business events are organized and planned based on in-depth research and analysis. Your active participation will not only bring the opportunity for personal development but also help World-OKTA to grow further.

  • World-OKTA Convention

    World-OKTA Convention

    With the slogan "Unifying economic boundaries among overseas Koreans", this event aims to build Korean economic network. It invites overseas Korean traders and businessmen to Korea in the odd number year and to other countries in the even number year to discuss in-depth strategies and exchange know-hows Korean product export market expansion.

  • Leaders Convention and The Export Discussion Meeting

    Leaders Convention and The Export Discussion Meeting

    The leaders who are playing important roles in the Korean trade economic network gather annually in April to strengthen Korean economic network and have in-depth discussions on the ways to explore export markets of 'competency products' produced by small to medium sized companies administered by the local governments.

  • Overseas Korean Next Generation Trade School

    Overseas Korean Next Generation Trade School

    It aims to train 100,000 Korean Young Businessmen over the world particularly those overseas 1.5~4th generations who are fluent in local languages and familiar with local cultures, providing practical trade skills and helping them find their identity as a Korean.
    It also offers programs with purpose of motivating them to play important roles in Korean business network in the future and to pursue their goals as the next leaders.

  • Overseas Export Market Development Business

    Overseas Export Market Development Business

    This is a business project to maximize its business and export performances with localized marketing and exploration of export market based on local context through substantially trained personnel who has been dispatched to certain Korean small to medium sized companies. These trainees with exceptional marketing skills are carefully selected from the World-OKTA chapters then they will be matched 1:1 to small to medium sized Korean companies, take internship there, and go back to the countries where they are originally from to carry out designated expected role.

  • Overseas Korean Business Center

    Overseas Korean Business Center

    It is a joint project between KOTRA and OKTA exploring buyers to promote export.
    Information is collected through the network of OKTA members, expecially where KOTRA KBS(Korea Business Center) has not been set up yet, then it is sent to buyer finder center administered by KOTRA.

  • Korea and China Economic forum

    Korea and China Economic forum

    By creating an opportunity to exchange mutually with ethnic Koreans living in China and japan and in the long term, both of them could strengthen the international competitiveness of Korean race and achieve consistent development and mutual prosperity. We expect participant could understand unique economic characteristics of Korean Chinese and even further creating whole network that they could consistently communicate with Korean Resident in China for better future of all and continuous exchange through this economic forum.

  • Overseas Korean Business Internship Program

    Overseas Korean Business Internship Program

    With the mission to resolve youth unemployment issue arising from global economic recession and to train global work force with overseas experiences, we provide systematic support program which include singing on MOU with Korean Universities, offering overseas training and employment opportunity at World-OKTA members companies.

  • Global Foundation Support Business

    Global Foundation Support Business

    By providing a good opportunity to Korean youth generation all over the world to establish their own business, this program would promote them to learn global mindset and motivate them to plan for new business through creative items.
    As the final outcome, this support business is intended to develop a network of acquaintances among youth and solve unemployment problem.

  • Overseas job referral service

    Overseas job referral service

    Consistently we search for abroad job opportunities through World-OKTA membership companies for overseas employment of professional Korean manpower.
    Based on connection of corresponding companies, this Support Business will establish a foothold for overseas employment of Korean youth and open Korean company's employment opportunities to the foreign talented.

  • Overseas Korean Trade and Economy Forum-Spring/Fall Seminar organized by Korean National Assembly

    Overseas Korean Trade and Economy Forum-Spring/Fall Seminar organized by Korean National Assembly

    National Assembly policy research institution, organized to support overseas Korean policy in making 7.5million leading overseas into international competency of 21st century Korea Economy, holds Spring & Fall seminars every year in collaboration of World-OKTA.

  • World-OKTA 13 International Committee

    World-OKTA 11 International Committee

    It supports trades of specialized products with small to medium sized Korean companies and facilitates exchange of information more efficiently between the members through 13 international committees in order to effectively categorize various trade goods and services.

  • World-OKTA Regional Conference

    World-OKTA Regional Conferencee

    It is hosted by OKTA chapters located in every continent to promote unification of regional members and their business network. It aims to enhance international recognition as Korean traders within the region, to boost local economy and to continuously discover new chapters.

  • Overseas Korean Traders Network Database

    Overseas Korean Traders Network Database

    It is an internet information network that brings overseas Korean Traders in the world into one. We support individuals' and chapters' business marketing / we support the business marketing of individuals and chapters / by organizing B2B Mall while encouraging network among each chapter.

  • Operation of the International Commerce Trade Institute

    Operation of the International Commerce Trade Institute

    In search for detailed support guidelines for overseas Koreans based on the basic statistics on overseas Korean economic policy, we study and support future prospects of World-OKTA and overseas Koreans via the network of overseas economists who are studying overseas Korean related policies.